Our Values

Our Values

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Seurat Group

Our mission is to delight consumers.

Diversity drives delight, which can only come to life through embracing, celebrating, and understanding our many differences. Georges Seurat, the founder of pointillism and inspiration for Seurat Group, combined distinct dots of color to create masterpieces far greater than the sum of their parts. We take the same approach in our work – supporting a diverse group of thinkers and integrating varied perspectives, data sources and insights to create clarity and conviction to act differently.

We recognize that diversity cannot flourish without a sense of belonging. Seurat Group is committed to attracting, nurturing, and growing with a diverse community of employees, partners, and clients.

Can-Do Attitude

We believe in the power of positive attitude to create success. That means having the courage to take journeys with uncertain or unclear outcomes.

Drive for Results

We hold ourselves accountable to our mission and foster a performance-based culture that respects our employees’ need for personal and professional balance.

Inclusive Mindset

We are purposeful about creating a welcoming space where diverse people, ideas, perspectives and approaches can thrive.


We celebrate team players that give their all towards the best ideas, solutions and partner relationships.

Entrepreneurial Passion

We are passionate about challenging conventional thinking to empower our stakeholders to make bold decisions.